Next Showing: 22-Apr: Durval discos, Anna Muylaert (2002 mulheres da Retomada: Women Filmmakers in Contemporary Brazilian Cinema is a film series/festival/conference devoted to ando à procura de uma mulher enrique diaz the exhibition and exploration of pesquisar casal gay de 16 anos the work of woman filmmakers in the post-Fernando Collor renewal of Brazilian film known as the retomada.
March 11 Que bom te ver viva (How Good to See You Alive, 1989).
In Brazil they are put to work at the large Santa Rosa coffee plantation in São Paulo where they and many other Japanese workers are culturally and linguistically isolated and treated like chattel by the owners.Their daily lives were filmed with natural light while the monologue of the Ravache character was filmed with very theatrical lighting.With an amazing soundtrack of 70s Brazilian music, the film is a charming homage to vinyl and the Side A and Side B of life."Os profissionais da saúde costumam ter os primeiros contactos com as mulheres vítimas de violência diz Claudia García Moreno, médica encarregada de uma pesquisa sobre a violência contra as mulheres na OMS.View Flyer 18-Mar: Carlota Joaquina, Carla Camurati (1995) 25-Mar: Bananas is my Business, Helena Solberg (1995 view Flyer 08-Apr: Um passaporte húngaro, Sandra Kogut (2001) View Flyer 15-Apr: Bicho de sete cabeças, Laís Bodanzsky (2001) View Flyer 22-Apr: Durval discos, Anna Muylaert (2002) View Flyer.This fascinating film skillfully combines reenactments, interviews with confidants and commentators, and footage from her many films to tell the haunting story of 1940s superstar Carmen Miranda.Charting Mirandas transformation from famed Brazilian singer to Hollywoods first Latina star to independent artist, award-winning Brazilian filmmaker Helena Solberg shows how Mirandas saga exemplifies contradictions in the relationship between Latin America and the United States that persist today.February 25 Terra para Rose (Land for Rose, 1987).Em todo o mundo, entre 100 e 140 milhões de mulheres jovens e adultas sofreram mutilações genitais, e cerca de 70 milhões de meninas casaram antes dos 18 anos, frequentemente contra a sua vontade, enquanto 7 das mulheres correm risco de ser vítimas de violação.It was not until the late 1970s and 80s that several women Tereza Trautman, Tete Moraes, Tizuka Yamazaki and, most notably, Ana Carolina were able to make their first films.March 25 Bananas is my Business (1995).At first Macabéas ignorance and lack of social graces test the audiences sympathies, but Amaral is able to convey her interior landscape of thoughts and desires through camera work and a dense soundtrack of snippets from radio programs and electronic music.

Based on a densely descriptive novel by Clarice Lispector, the film paints a stark portrait of the life of an urban Brazilian girl working barely above the poverty line while also providing us with lyrical oases in dreamy sequences in which Macabea dreams about other.Füge dieses Video zu deiner Webseite hinzu, indem du den untenstehenden Code kopierst.It was the first film of this period to reach more than a million spectators.March 4 A hora da estrela (The Hour of the Star, 1985).A typical hippie, Durval refuses to sell cds despite the decline in customers.Mehr erfahren, hmm, es gab ein Problem, den Server zu erreichen.Her research focuses on representations of violence and questions of citizenship in contemporary Latin American Film and Video.April 8 Um passaporte húngaro (A Hungarian Passport, 2001).Speaking over the telephone with the Hungarian consulate, the Brazilian filmmaker Sandra Kogut asks, Can someone who has a Hungarian grandfather obtain a Hungarian passport?
In the 1960s, Brazils best known film movement, cinema novo, was resolutely male dominated.
The administrative process of obtaining a passport becomes the narrative thread of this disarmingly unaffected film diary.