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Infobox CityIT img_coa Bastia g official_name Comune di Bastia Umbra name Bastia Umbra region Umbria province, perugia (PG) elevation_m 200 area_total_km2.62 population_as_of 2007 population_total 20760 population_density_km2 705 timezone, cET, UTC 1 coordinates frazioni mulheres gordas que procuram homens em mendoza Bastiola, Cipresso, Costano, Ospedalicchio, San Lorenzo telephone 075 postalcode 06083 gentilic.
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Loading, bastia umbra, location: Umbria, Central Italy, Italy, Europe, population: 17,800, latitude: 43 3' 51.3" (43.0643) north.From 1300 senhora viúva procura homem to 1594 it was a possession of Perugia, and subsequently of the Papal States.In the Middle ages Bastia was entangled in the struggle between the communes of Assisi and Perugia; in 1319, after a siege of seven months, troops from the latter ravaged.As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 20,523 and an area.6 l demographics and other statistics: Italian statistical institute Istat.In Other Languages, for More Information, thanks for Sharing).Bastia Umbra borders the following municipalities: Assisi, Bettona, Perugia, Torgiano.ImageSize width:455 height:303PlotArea left:50 bottom:50 top:30 right:30DateFormat.yPeriod from:0 till:19000TimeAxis orientation:verticalAlignBars justifyScaleMajor gridcolor:darkgrey increment:2000 start:0ScaleMinor gridcolor:lightgrey increment:500 start:0BackgroundColors canvas:sfondo.It ha a Gothic façade from 1334.
Bastia was however quickly rebuilt with a new castle and 18 towers.
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Twin towns *flagiconGER Höchberg, Germany *flagiconESP Sant Sadurnì, Spain *flagiconFRA Luz-Saint-Sauveur, France References External links * / Official website.TextData fontsize:S pos 20,20) text:Data from istat.Search for the cheapest hotel deal for La mulheres casadas que procuram homens em são paulo Madonnina in Bastia Umbra.Featuring a restaurant, the 3-star hotel has air-conditioned rooms with a private bathroom.PlotData bar:1861 at:3389 fontsize:XS text: 3389 shift -8,5) bar:1871 at:3604 fontsize:XS text: 3604 shift -8,5) bar:1881 at:3780 fontsize:XS text: 3780 shift -8,5) bar:1901 at:4473 fontsize:XS text: 4473 shift -8,5) bar:1911 at:4703 fontsize:XS text: 4703 shift -8,5) bar:1921 at:5053 fontsize:XS text: 5053 shift -8,5) bar:1931 at:5502.Longitude: 12 32' 46" (12.5461) east, elevation: 195 metres (640 feet bastia umbra Hotels.Main sights *Church of "Santa Croce built in 1295 in white and pink stone.The suffix "Umbra" was added after the annexion to the newly unified Kingdom of Italy in 1860.Search for La Madonnina discounts in Bastia Umbra with kayak.Hotel La Villa, the Hotel La Villa is located in Bastia Umbra, housed in a nineteenth century property and surrounded by green gardens which are beautifully kept.
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Via Campiglione.

History, firs news of settlements in the area dates from the 11th century AD, although the presence of Roman ruins testify the it was inhabited also in ancient times.